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Sea Buckthorn Boost Immunity, Clear Skin and Fight Cancer

If you've never heard of Sea Buckthorn, you're not alone, but this berry has major health benefits that range from immunity to clear skin and may even treat cancer. In early studies, Sea Buckthorn helps the immune system take out cancer cells like they are garbage, and strengthens the recovery of patients on chemo. With more than 190 active plant-based vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, in one tiny berry, Sea Buckthorn became a newly popular supplement to take, especially now in light of COVID-19.

The more we learn, the more we think sea buckthorn should be on everyone's list of what to take daily. The oil extracted from sea buckthorn's vibrant orange berries: supports immune function, helps clear skin, fights cellular aging, improves circulation, and lowers levels of LDL "bad" cholesterol. As one study showed sea buckthorn may "lower the risk of malignant cancers, [and] support regeneration of the body after chemotherapy," the berries are now tested as a treatment for cancer patients.

Sea buckthorn contains anti-aging factors that help clear skin and boost collagen

If you want soft, glowing, healthy-looking skin, sea buckthorn is one way to get it. The next time you buy skin-care products, check to see if sea buckthorn is one of the main ingredients. The oil is commonly used in cosmetics for treating and revitalizing dry, flaky, or rapidly aging skin, since the berries contain an abundance of vitamin A, (alpha- and beta-carotene) and other carotenoids as well as vitamin E, according to a research study. Sea buckthorn oil contains powerful natural compounds that act as anti-aging agents. "It should be noted that this oil contains rare palmitoleic acid (omega-7) which is a component of skin lipids and stimulates regenerative processes in the epidermis and wound healing. Sea buckthorn oil activates physiological skin functions and reduces scars," according to the US National Library of Medicine.

The oil contains a high content of unique gamma-linolenic, which is "also a very important ingredient for skin because as a building material for components of intercellular cement it binds epidermis cells. It is also a component of phospholipids that build cell membranes," according to the study. "Gamma-linolenic acid improves blood circulation which positively affects the supply of nourishment and oxygen to the skin, and it removes excess toxins which as a result improves skin structure, appearance, and tone." In this case, "GLA effectively protects skin against infections... relieves inflammations, and slows down the aging process."

Sea buckthorn contains complex lipids that help to even out skin tone, hydrate skin, and give it a clear, healthy glow. The polar lipids (Phospholipids and glycolipids), improve "skin moisturizing and soften the epidermis, improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce inflammation, accelerate skin regeneration, and cell renewal," according to the study. No wonder the berries, which are hard to harvest and only allow for picking every 2 years, are worth the work.

Sea buckthorn treats inflammation, infection, and a variety of conditions
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In this one study, sea buckthorn was found to have 190 bioactive substances and touted as one of the most valuable plants for potential natural remedies. Extracts from the fruit, which create a powerful oil, can be used in the treatment of a variety of conditions all related to inflammation and infection. For digestive issues, the study found that "sea-buckthorn oil has a soothing effect in inflammation of the [digestive] system, duodenum or in treating diarrhea," according to the study. It has also been proven to work in the treatment of:

  • Chronic gastric ulcer disease

  • Rheumatoid arthritis, or to stop small bleeding and lower risk of thrombophlebitis

  • Fever caused by viruses and bacteria

  • Dermatoses and skin diseases, rashes, or small scrapes

  • Weak and damaged hair; it has been used as a remedy for hair loss or balding

  • Burns, frostbites, bedsores, and sunburn

Sea buckthorn is currently being tested for cancer medicines

Sea buckthorn may help fight cancer cells in the lab, early studies show, but there needs to be more research to confirm the plant's anti-cancer properties, according to scientists. "Sea buckthorn lowers the risk of malignant cancers, supports regeneration of the body after the chemotherapy and serious diseases," the study authors wrote, since it "re-energizes and revitalizes, positively affects mood, and has an antidepressant effect." More specifically, sea buckthorn appears to help in the aftercare of chemotherapy when patients need energy: "Currently, the highly nutritious ingredients of common sea-buckthorn berries are tested for their application in medicine, i.e. in treatment of inflammations, cancers, and as an adjunctive treatment after chemotherapy," according to the study.

In a separate study, the anti-cancer activities of sea buckthorn were examined and it was effective against breast cancer cells, carcinoma of the liver and kidneys as well as colorectal cancer, but the researchers said more study needs to be done.

In that study on human breast cancer cells, the authors reported that "cell growth was suppressed by treatment with sea buckthorn procyanidins at concentrations between 10 and 60 μg/ml. In addition, the tested procyanidins were found to induce cell apoptosis [whereby the body takes out the cancer cells as if they were garbage, eliminated by the immune system] in a dose-dependent manner,"

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Author: Hailey Welch

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