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1. Why choose Ranbow Wellness?

    Rainbow Welllness' products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Its efficacy has been tested scientifically in the past 20 years throughout the

    world. Further to that, it is a reliable brand from a reputable company and source. More

2. What is the main active ingredients of Rainbow Wellness' products?

    The key active ingredient of Rainbow Wellness' products is Seaberry (a.k.a Sea Buckthorn), it is known as the Holy Fruit with remarkably dense

    nutritional properties that contain over 190 bioactive nutrients and one of the most complete Omega that are essential for health and beauty.


3. Who may benefit from Rainbow Wellness' products?

    Our products are suitable for all ages under different product series and functionality. For kids below age 12, you may select any products from

    Wonder series.

4. What are the health benefits of Cardiberry supplement?

    Cardiberry contained high antioxidant that is required by human body to eradicate Metabolic Syndrome and prevent free radical that is

    causing damage to us. By consuming products which is high in antioxidant, it may slow down the ageing process, strengthen our immune system,

    when our immune is strong, our body is able to protect us from getting sick and weak due to external factors.

5. Is Seaberry suitable for pregnant women and children?

    Yes, SeaBerry are suitable for pregnant women and children under its recommended dosage.

6. What is the daily dosage/application of your products?

    The recommended dosage is available in each product's packaging.

7. Where is Rainbow Wellness products manufactured?

    Rainbow Wellness products are manufactured in Malaysia with quality active ingredients from around the world.


8. How should I store the products?

    All our products can be stored at room temperature without expose to direct sunlight/heat.


9. What is the shelf life of Rainbow Wellness?

    Rainbow Wellness products can last for a maximum of 3 years without opening their packing.


10. When is the best time to consume Cardiberry supplement?

      Cardiberry is best consumed in the morning, however, it is also suitable during the day, be sure to drink more water throughout the day.

11. Is Rainbow Wellness products Halal?

      Yes, our Cardiberry is certified Halal.

12. I am a vegetarian, can I consume Rainbow Wellness supplement?

      Rainbow Wellness Cardiberry is made with 100% pure natural ingredients, therefore it is suitable for vegetarian.


13. Can I apply ResQ Oil on wounds/scars?

      Our clinical test shows that ResQ Oil is suitable to heal wounds and scars.

14. Is fairieVite or ResQ Oil good for sensitive skin?

      The main active ingredients are clinically proven to be effective on sensitive skin as it contained anti-inflammation and anti-microbial substance that

      protect the dermal layers.

15. If I am on other medication now, can I take Cardiberry?

      If you have other underlying health condition or complication, it is advisable to consult your physician before taking Cardiberry.

16. How does Cardiberry helps in my vision?

      Cardiberry is packed with Omega 3 ,6, 7, and 9 and contained more than 190 bioactive nutrients with antioxidant power 10x stronger than Vitamin C.

      It helps moisturize the eye, filter blue light, ease eye strain, promotes eyesight and supports sleep.

17. Will I have any difficulty in my sleeps after taking Cardibery supplement?

      Cardiberry is a dietry supplement that enhances your sleep quality, it should not cause any effect on your sleep pattern.


18. Can I mix Cardiberry in my food/beverage?

      Yes, you may add Cardiberry to any food or beverage to your liking.


19. My parents is in their 80s, is it recommended for them to consume Cardiberry ?

      Cardiberry Superfood is very high in nutrients that are required by our body, it is very suitable for older person to consume as a natural source of

      nutrients to provide energy and cell regeneration. It is advisable to follow the recommended daily dosage or consult a physician should they have

      other underlying condition before consuming.

20. Why do we need antioxidant?

      Our body cell degenerate as we age beside the exposure of free radical on a daily basis, antioxidant is one of the nutrient that our body requires to

      slow down the ageing process and strengthen our body.

21. Where can I source Seaberry from?

      Seaberry is a plant grown in mountainous areas of Tibet or other part of the world. If you are interested on the raw ingredient, you may contact our

      office because we are the sole distribution of Seaberry in Malaysia.

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