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Rainbow Connection

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There was no coincidence in the establishment of Rainbow Wellness. In the past decade, the Founders has ventured into the manufacturing of cosmeceutical and personal care industry both locally and internationally with a combined year of experience of more than 30 years. Despite the thriving business they each owned, their desire to advocate good living through pure and high-quality products has never stopped. Because of this vision, Rainbow Wellness was born. It is our passion to make everyone’s life as colorful as the Rainbow and spread the happiness with all.

Vision & Mission

In our quest to achieve the vision and passion, we have always belief in maintaining the balance of the Universe. The fundamental of having a sustainable business is to positively contributing to the society with total respect to environment, economic, communities, cultural and social values. We cherish resources the nature has to offer as A Gift to Good Living and shall uphold the mission to enhance the quality of life for everyone in your family.

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The Mastermind


Dr. Jillian Yeoh

DIMP, BBBA (Aus), MBA (Aus), Ph.D. (Swiss),

Cert. Com. Health (Harvard)

Dr. Jillian Yeoh is a versatile entrepreneur who has founded numerous businesses ranging from cosmeceutical manufacturing to the healthcare sector. She carries more than 19 years of experience from diverse industries in Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Luxury Fashion and Financial Institutions across Asia and Europe. She founded her first cosmeceutical manufacture laboratory 13 years ago and held directorship in two business entities in overseas, where she plays key roles in strategizing the company’s overseas operations in the Asia Pacific for its beauty, health, healthcare facilitation and consulting businesses.


Prior to Co-founding Rainbow Wellness, she is the Founder of IMM Healthcare and Regional Director of TEMOS International Healthcare Accreditation in Germany. She finds great synergy from cosmeceutical, nutraceutical to healthcare where it’s ultimate goal is to inspire better life. Her interest in health and longevity lifestyle has led her to complete her Doctorate in Aged Care and subsequently a Certificate in Community Health at the Harvard University. As the very few qualified professionals in the Aged Care industry, she has been actively engaged in advisory roles by private and public healthcare providers. Her tenacity and enthusiasm have earned her recognition from Khazanah Nasional Berhad as the Accelerator Winner of the KIIC Enhancing Ageing Services in 2021, as well as a recipient of the Best Healthcare Entrepreneur by the Asia’s Healthcare Award.



Datin Heather Lee

Datin Heather Lee is the Founder of Rainbow Wellness' beauty and dietary supplement products. She has 28 years of experience running multiple businesses in Personal care as well as managing a Technology based company.


Datin Heather currently holds directorships in 3 cosmeceutical and nutraceutical companies namely Rainbow Wellness Sdn Bhd, Dermascience Sdn Bhd and Ideal Beauty Alliance Sdn Bhd. They mainly focus on the manufacturing of Skincare, Color Cosmetic and Personal Care products as well as the brand owner of natural-based premium quality brands for the local and export markets.


Her business goals have always been guided by a single most important philosophy which is building a business not only for herself but for the benefit of others. The reliability of the source with the high level of efficacy is paramount in the creation of these products for a worthy cause.

(left) Dr. Jillian Yeoh                                  (right) Datin Heather Lee

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